Some families feel great after just a few visits during the early weeks, while others prefer their postpartum care to be spread out over several months. I’m sure we can find the perfect plan for you and your family!


Day support: $35.00 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per visit

Overnight support: $40.00 per hour, with a minimum of 8 hours per visit

Or choose from one of the following packages:

  • Welcome Home – 3 visits in first 2 weeks / 12 hours total
  • The Good Start  – 6 visits over 4 weeks / 24 hours total
  • Over the Moon  –  4 overnight visits over 4 weeks / 32 hours total
  • Pampered Mom –  Spread out over the year/ 100 to 500 hours total
  • Sibling Support – Whenever you need : )

All packages include a prenatal visit

Welcome Home 

A great option for parents who anticipate needing a little extra help over the first two weeks at home with their newborn. I will come to your home for 3 visits (4 hours each) during your first 2 weeks home after delivery. I will support you and the family and teach the basics of breastfeeding, newborn care, soothing skills, understanding baby cues, and providing recovery time for new mother. This is often an option chosen by first-time parents, families with other young children at home, or those who are recovering from a difficult birth. / $420

The Good Start 

This daytime package is great if you are a new parent and need help getting breastfeeding off to a good start.  You’ll learn the basics of baby care such as bathing, soothing techniques and learning about your newborn. It’s also a wonderful package if you need help caring for other children who are at home. You can spread out your days any way you like! Minimum of 4 hours per visit.  / $840

Over the Moon 

This package provides you with 24 hours of an overnight doula who cares for the baby while the parent(s) get some much-needed sleep. I can bring the baby to mom to continue breastfeeding through the night. I will also change and soothe the baby back to sleep. I can also help with quiet household chores such as baby laundry or washing bottles and pump parts when a baby is sleeping.  You can spread out your nights! Minimum of 8 hours per visit.  / $1,280

Pampered Mom 

This package is great and at the best discounted rate! It provides families with a daytime or nighttime doula for a total of 100 to 500 hours spread out however you like over the year! This package includes everything in the previous packages. At a discounted rates, 32$ an hour/  $3,200 for 100 hours,  $6,400 for 200 hours, $9,600 for 300 hours,  $12,800 for 400 hours, $16,000 for 500 hours.

Sibling Support 

I am available for daytime or nighttime care of both newborns and older siblings. My hourly rate is the same as for newborns.  /$35 hour

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss which package is right for you!


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