Facts Favoring Formula Feeding

If there were no advantages to bottle feeding, no one wig was able to breastfeed would ever turn to formula. Here are benefits of formula feeding:

Longer Satisfaction for baby. Infant formula is made with cow’s milk that’s been altered to resemble breast milk. It is more difficult to digest than breastmilk, and the large rubbery curds it forms stays in the baby’s stomach longer, giving satisfaction that can last several hours, extending the period between the feedings. Because breastmilk is easily digested, many newborn nursing babies feed so often that sometimes it seems like they are permanently on mothers breasts.

Easy monitoring intake. You know exactly how much a bottle-fed baby is taking. Breasts there is no way of knowing how much your child is taking in.  A nursing mother may worry that her newborn isn’t getting enough to eat (though that’s rarely the case). The bottle-feeding mother has no such problem-she can just look at the bottle and know exactly how much her baby has had.

More freedom. With bottle feeding, the mother is not tied to the baby day and night. If you want to go out and enjoy a night with the spouse, you can without worrying about feeding your child. A babysitter or grandparents can watch your newborn and feed the baby. No weaning or expressing milk will be necessary when you have to go back to work at 3 months.

Fewer demands. Mother exhausted from difficult labor could sleep in at night. Dad, grandmother, doula, a baby nurse, or anyone else can take over and feed the baby. There is also less physical drain f the newly delivered mother.

More participation for father or older siblings. Dads or an older sibling can share in the pleasure of feeding their baby.

Less restriction on birth control. A breastfeeding mother has to limit her choice to those that are safe to lactation. The formula-feeding mom has no restrictions.

Fewer dietary demands and restrictions. A formula-feeding mother can stop eating for two. Unlike the nursing mom, a formula feeding mother can give up on extra protein and calcium, and she can forget about the prenatal vitamins. She can have a few drinks at a party, take any medications, and eat all kinds of food she desires.

Less embarrassment for the modest. While the nursing mother may receive curious glances when she chooses to breastfeed in public, no one will look twice at a mother bottle feeding her baby. The mother won’t have to worry about the awkward procedure of redressing after the feeding is done as well.

Potentially more lovemaking. After months of making love, many couples look forward to picking up where they left off. For a nursing mother, a vagina left dry by hormonal changes and lactation, and sore nipples and leaky breasts, sometimes makes a women uncomfortable and can make lovemaking challenging. For the bottle-feeding mother, once she is recovered from delivery, nothing stands between her and her mate (besides a crying baby once in awhile).



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